I rarely train alone. I'm in the fortunate position to have amazing training partners and join in with some great training groups. I'm a big believer of jumping aboard the "pain train" and working together to run faster, motivate and share each other's success. 

"Having a team approach to training with positivity, a supportive attitude and sharing the workload enables the group to push each other to the next level. Training shouldn’t have competitive bitchiness between athletes. Many groups are plagued by clashing individuals making every rep a race, ruining group dynamics and the purpose of a training session. Mutual respect and having genuine pleasure of seeing each other do well is a tricky concept for competitive athletes to have. Personality clashes are inevitable and it takes getting the right athletes together for a training group to work well" 

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Big thanks to the pain train at Reading AC, my coach, Nick Andersons group at Winchester and to those at Bracknell for the group Sunday runs around the Forest.