Running is a relatively simple sport. It's just one foot in front of the other. However, with this simplicity, leaves nowhere to hide. It all comes down to your physiology and adaptations made from training to improve performance. 

Performing well requires a careful approach to optimising training, recovery, psychology, health and nutrition. 

Train hard, but train smart 

Endurance athletes constantly push their bodies to the limit. At times, there's a fine line between getting fitter or falling off the edge without warning. Health becomes compromised and illness or injury occurs. 

I've been there.

I've dug myself a hole pushing through training barely being able to run 8 min/ mile, unaware of being iron deficient. I trained for a number of years with amenorrhea, not knowing that low oestrogen levels would contribute to a stress fracture and 6 months of injury. 

Knowledge is power 

Having insight into my health through tracking biomarkers gives me the confidence and knowledge to ensure that I can perform at my very best whilst keeping my health in equilibrium.  

Medichecks Endurance Fit provides all the key markers to give a piece of mind that training, nutrition, recovery and health are being kept in check. 

It includes a broad spectrum of markers including...

Red Blood Cells - Haemoglobin | HCT | RBC | MCV | MCH | MCHC | RDW
White Blood Cells - White Cell Count | Neutrophils | Lymphocytes | Monocytes | Eosinophils | Basophils
Clotting Status - Platelet Count | MPV
Kidney Function - Urea | Creatinine | Estimated GFR
Liver Function - ALP | ALT | CK | Gamma CT | Bilirubin
Proteins - Total Proteins | Albumin | Globulin
Diabetes Screen - HbA1c
Iron Status - Iron | T.I.B.C | Transferrin Saturation | Ferritin
Cholesterol Status - Triglycerides |  Cholesterol | HDL | LDL | Non HDL cholesterol
Heart Disease Risk - HDL % of total
Inflammatory Marker - CRP
Thyroid Function - TSH | FT4
Hormones - Testosterone | Cortisol | Testosterone/Cortisol ratio | DHEA-S | Oestradiol
Minerals and Vitamins -  Magnesium | Zinc | B12 | Folate | Vitamin D

The process with Medichecks endurance fit testing is painless, quick and simple...

  • Order your test online
  • Medichecks send out a blood testing kit 
  • Have the blood drawn from a local phlebotomy centre
  • Post your sample 
  • Results uploaded in 2-3 days to your dashboard 
  • Full medical doctor report provided

Moving forwards... 

My latest set of blood tests have come at a crucial time prior to moving into another block of targeted training. The majority of the results are encouraging, particularly with the higher levels of oestrogen. To my surprise, my ferritin levels (iron stores) have dropped. This has previously caused havoc with my training and concerns me. 

Luckily, thanks to Medichecks, I've caught this early, so I can act on this before it causes me problems. 

Big thanks to Medichecks for the recent set of blood tests.