Well, it finally arrived! and as of today, I've had two! 

Despite being on my period today, I had a great run this morning and I can really feel myself getting fitter. 

You know why? 

I'm fuelling well. My periods "the barometer to hormone health" are indicating recovery and normalizing hormones. I'm resting appropriately.  

This is what causes adaption to make you perform better  

"Having a period is a great sign that my energy availability is coming into balance. My nutritional intake continues to improve with an increase in carbohydrates and daily calories. Consequently, I’m feeling energised and look better than I have in a long time. I’m embracing being told I look “well”, this isn’t a bad thing!"  Continue reading here at Fast Running.

Again, I cannot be more grateful for the amazing people I have supporting me and to Medichecks for quick and easy blood tests (read my blog "Blood don't lie") 

Thanks for reading as always! x