I love everything about running. I love competing. I love how it makes me feel. I love exploring and running with friends. I also love the numbers. The heart rate zones, the miles per week and elevation gain. The being immersed in the numbers has nearly ruined what I love. 

I have to ask myself what I love more - running or metrics of running? 

The latter doesn't exist on its own. 

I've seen a lot of other runners become obsessed by the numbers. Thrown into the mix is sharing all this information with the digital running world and the pressure that comes with your followers tracking your every move. 

"I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be in my situation if I didn’t have a Garmin or Training Peaks. I was certainly well on my way to having issues. However, I was desperate to run faster and I was able to see how other athletes were able to do that. It’s normal to scroll through social media and see exact details of athletes daily training. It’s natural for humans to compare themselves to others. You want to be like your hero. You want to beat your rival. You want to prove to training partners how hard you train and boast to your friends about your PB’s" 

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