"The gains I have made have been in bodyweight. Watching the Boston Marathon’s Elite Women’s race proved to me the importance of a strong, not skinny body. The successful performances were from the girls who are resilient, not skeletal. Being that super lean athlete is the impatient way for short-term improvements "

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The last 6 -8 weeks have been the most significant with a shift in mindset and finally, real running. 

It's a big step forward in the right direction but it certainly doesn't mean I'm out of the woods yet. 

Now more than ever, will I have to apply patience and  ensure my energy expenditure does not exceed my energy intake. 

Thank you to everyone that has been helping me, particularly Alex Cook, who really turned things around in the last few weeks. 

Never have I realised the importance of hormonal health. All athletes should consider keep an eye on their hormones and other key blood makers to detect early signs that things aren't quite right. I certainly wish I had been more in check of mine earlier on. 

I'm now using medichecks to monitor my recovery. 

Thanks for reading! 

AB x