There are many "P" words in my life at the moment. The two most important are periods and patience. Both of which I am still on a journey trying to find. 

"Despite hormone replacement therapy increasing my oestrogen levels, I still haven’t had a period. 

I’m told they can take a while to return, but its clear from my latest bloods - I am still doing too much. 

As my fracture has essentially healed, I’ve talked myself into a false sense of security that I can train near normally. My “cycle commute” to the gym escalated into cycling everywhere. Although not effortful, it was still too much physical stress alongside my rehab and cross training". 

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I recently had a fascinating interview with Dr Nicky Keay, Sports Endocrinologist. Keep an eye out for my next article with Dr Keay's expert opinion on hormones, periods and find out why the pill isn't so great after all. 

For more information on hormones and sports endocrinology check out Dr Keay's blog and BASEM spring conference.

For anyone wanting to regularly track their hormones, I have used medichecks which provides quick access to numerous amount of blood testing.