Several months ago, England Athletics made the exciting announcement of the launch of their marathon programme. Naturally, I signed up immediately for their first camp which took place this weekend. 

The camp led by Nick Anderson was far more than just group training sessions. My trepidations of FOMO were quickly put to rest (although I’m sure everyone envied my arm bike sessions in the gym, ha!) 

With a variety of seminars on physiology, specific marathon training and future opportunities on the racing calender, we were able to learn a great deal. There were also some fascinating insights with interviews between the athlete Tracy Barlow, her coach Nick Anderson and the legendary Bud Baldaro. Listening to their journeys was exhilarating. It made everyone believe that they could do what Tracy has. It gave us all the belief that we could do it too. 

What we gained the most from the weekend was inspiration. 

Inspiration to know that the aspirational is achievable. That we our surrounded by a supportive network that is striving to take the future of marathon running to the next level. 

What I took onboard is that we are a team of athletes that need to work together to push and support each other. Doing that, will see us run faster to become more competitive on a global level. We will all play apart in this through our individual successes, even if we don’t all run at a major championship. 

I came away from the weekend feeling refreshed and motivated. I feel like I have a new outlook on the marathon and what it’s going to take to fulfil my aspirations. With the knowledge of having support around me, even with an injury, these aims have never felt so real. 

Finally in weeks, the desire is back. And the arm bike better watch out. 

Thank you to England Athletics for this incredible opportunity. The future of England’s marathon running is on the rise.