It’s less than 100 days until the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I’m so excited to get back to marathon training! Since the British 10k Championships, I have hit the track hard. It has been a short and sharp track season with the goal of breaking the 26 year old 5000m club record of 17.28, held by Caroline Stevens. 

I had three 5000m races scheduled over 13 days to try and do it. 

Attempt No.1 - 24th July- Watford BMC Grand Prix 

17.29 - a mere 1 second away but a big PB. It was an incredible experience to race in such a high quality field. Steph Twell lapped me on her way to running a World Championships qualifying time, which later saw her selected for the team. I was happy she only lapped me once! I think I was the only person ever not to run in spikes for a British Milers Club race. It was a crime that I thought might deny me membership to the BMC, but thankfully they let me in, running the membership qualifying time that evening - the racing in trainers went unnoticed ;) 

Attempt No. 2- 30th July - FastFriday 

Success! 17.19 - FastFriday was such a brilliant event organised by Barny Foot from Orion Harriers. It was the perfect opportunity to run fast. I was able to jump aboard the pain train with a group of lads (in spikes this time!). By just sitting in, I let the boys do the hard work and took full benefit of being dragged a long in their slip stream. The race had great vibes as a spin off from the famous Night of the PB’s. There was beer, street food and supporters in lane 3. With both 5000m and 10 000m races, its an event that’s getting bigger each year. It’s not one to be missed in 2018! 

Attempt No. 3 - 8th July - Loughborough BMC Grand Prix. 

17.46 - a shocker. One 5000m too many and I was knackered. I also realised that the accidental mileage had been racking up the last few weeks and that I hadn’t had a complete rest day since my initial marathon recovery. That combined with racing hard resulted in me teetering on that knife’s edge, but it was something I was able to recognise for myself - am I finally learning?! 

Consequently, I took the Friday off completely. It fitted in well with my Mum’s birthday and to freshen up for my last track race in the final UK women’s league in Manchester. 

It did the trick and although my time for the 3000m wasn’t a PB or even a season’s best, it felt really easy. 

Although I can put a tick in the box for running the 5000m club record (which I am ecstatic at) I still have unfinished business with the track, which will have to be put to bed until next year. 

It’s now time to get back to the marathon grind. The double days, the tempos, the long runs and the Dorney lake marathon sessions- I’m absolutely buzzing for it. I’m craving the miles, the tired legs but mainly, the post session pancakes. 

“Good thing I didn’t accomplish all my goals yet because then what would I do tomorrow” - Alexi Pappas 

Peace out track - until next year. 

Let the marathon madness begin.