The dreaded day has arrived. Shrove Tuesday or more commonly known as pancake day. 

Tomorrow embarks the first day of lent. Where for 40 days and 40 nights I will be going cold turkey on my number one love, my dear "DC". Diet coke. 

Some have tried (and failed) to wean me off the caffeinated elixir leading up to today, but I have adopted an inverse tapering technique (aka, drink as much of it as I possibly can why I have the chance). 

I'm hoping that having a break from this terrible habit might give me some health benefits leading up to the London Marathon, where ironically my race number is 666 (the number of the beasts or the devil). 

I'm hoping that over the next 40 days the devil won't be tempting me, but come race day, donning my 666 number, I'll be running as if the beast is chasing me all the way into mall.  Not fuelled by Diet Coke. 

To help motivate me, I am raising money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance 

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Thanks very much. 

Let the withdrawal symptoms begin! (I apologise to everyone who has to be in my company for the next few days).