Pacing. One of the hardest things to judge. When you get it right, it makes it feel so, so easy and you run fast, you get a PB. Today it went right. Going into race I had in the back of my mind I wanted to run under 1 hour for 10 miles. I knew I would need to run a 10K PB to do this. It was an ambitious target and honestly I didn't think I was fit enough to do it.

The day before the race, I did a small jog, something I never do. I've ALWAYS rested the day before, but this is the time of year when you can try new things. 

I travelled down to Portsmouth and stayed with an old school friend. Had a cheeky Nando's (the best pre race fuel) and became familiar with where I needed to go in the morning. 

I was feeling prepared. Much more so than Cardiff Half Marathon a few weeks ago. 

The morning was pretty surreal. 

I was surrounded by Olympians. Athletes that I've seen winning races on the domestic circuit and that I stalk on social media (come on, we all do it!). 

The race itself tactically went exactly how I planned. Start off conservatively, get into a pack and pick it up. I went through 10k in a PB but hit the head wind, alone at mile 6-8. I had lost a lot of time. 

Turning into the last mile and a half, I gave it everything and crossed the line in 59:47, finishing in the top 20. 

I paced it well. I ran my aspirational time and I really enjoyed myself. 

My next target is Liverpool Cross Challenge for the European Trials. 

Until then, I'll be getting the miles in, fuelling well and hitting the gym.